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Sensible views from Dr Martin Parkinson, Secretary of the Department of Climate Change – extracted from his address to the Lowy Institute on 14 April 2010. 

Even if you are not convinced by the weight of scientific evidence on climate change, good public governance demands a prudent approach to treating climate change as a serious risk-management exercise.  Put bluntly, the risks of getting it wrong are too great to gamble anything on the minority view – or ideological position – that human induced climate change is definitely not occurring.  If there is even a small chance that climate change is occurring, a sensible and balanced policy must reflect this.  While we don’t expect to have a car crash, it’s prudent to pay for car insurance to cover the risk.  Surprisingly this precautionary principle has been forgotten by many who should know better”.

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2 by Dick

This is a must read for every Australian.

“Overloading Australia” is undoubtedly the best book if you want to get “up to speed” quickly on the population issue and Australia.  I thoroughly recommend it.  It’s available directly from Mark O’Connor for just $20 including postage – see link Buy Non-Generic Ambien to order directly.

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2 by Dick

The Climate Caper” by Garth W Paltridge, with Foreword by Lord Monckton, is an interesting book. 

Emeritus Professor Garth Paltridge is an atmospheric physicist and was a chief research scientist with the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research before taking up many other important positions.  He is one of the few scientists who has actually written a refereed paper on climate change.  Basically his view is that the scientific consensus which has been published is not nearly as certain as it’s represented.  He believes scientists have overstated the issue of climate change for financial reasons, ie. in order to obtain more funding provided they stick with the mainstream topic.   He agrees that there is global warming, but has doubts that it will really affect humanity. 

Well worth reading for the “other view”. 

Published in Australia by Connor Court Publishing and available in bookstores and on Amazon.  Approx. $24.95.

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2 by Dick

Mr Dick Smith,
Thank you, thank you so much for your astute and eminently correct assumptions on the globe and the future of Australia. You are a beacon of light in a very dim vista. If the powers that be do not listen to you then God help our (once) beautiful Country. We buy your products and will continue to do so. It is of great importance you are able to be in a position to defend us.

[name withheld]

South Cronulla, NSW

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2 by Dick

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Wilberforce Award - One Million Dollar Grant
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