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The United Kingdom’s Royal Society is about to launch a major study into population growth and its impact on our society and economy.  See link Buy Alprazolam 0.5 Mg.

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2 by Dick

A letter submitted to the Editor of the Melbourne Herald Sun and published on 30 June 2010 provides an insight into Dick’s views in relation to immigration.  See:  Buy Phentermine Tablets Online

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2 by Dick

Here is a copy of Dick’s letter to Dr Parkinson, the Secretary of the Department of Climate Change.  Buy Xanax Generic.

And here is his response: Buy Cheap Valium Online

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2 by Dick

The British Actor, Jeremy Irons has made some sensible comments which I agree with re. population growth, etc. He is looking for money to do a film on sustainability.  You can link up with that site Buy Diazepam Morocco.

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2 by Dick

“The End of Economic Growth” by Charles Siegel is a fantastic article.  Buy Hirst Valium is a link to the “preservenet” website where this and other interesting material can be found.

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