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Every society clings to a myth by which it lives. Ours is the myth of economic growth.

For the last five decades, the pursuit of growth has been the single most important policy goal across the world. The global economy is almost five times the size it was half a century ago. If it continues to grow at the same rate, the economy will become eighty times that size by the year 2100. This extraordinary ramping up of global economic activity has not historical precedent. It is totally at odds with our scientific knowledge.

Read Tim Jackson’s brilliant report here: Buy Alprazolam 0.5 Mg

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2 by Dick

This is probably one of the most exciting websites I’ve ever seen.  The group are making a film on growth.  I’ve already become an investor and hope lots of others do, too.  Take a look Buy Phentermine Tablets Online!

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2 by Dick

Full credit to the Murdoch press for running the following Advertisement in The Australian on Tuesday 27 July.

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2 by Dick

There was a fantastic letter featured in The Australian on 23 July under the heading “PM Chooses Meaningless Rhetoric Over Policy”.  After weeks of completely biased reporting spruiking growth in The Australian, it’s great to see that a reader has rational and balanced thinking.  Buy Xanax 2  is a copy of the letter from Clive Huxtable at Beaconsfield which was published in The Australian on Friday 23 July.  Congratulations to Clive and congratulations to the Letters Editor of The Australian for publishing this important opinion.

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2 by Dick

The Murdoch press contacted me on 7 April this year and asked me to write an article on population which was to be part of  “a three page special news feature on population” which they were going to be running a few days later. 

 There was a deadline specified, which I met.   But the article has never appeared.

After many phone calls to find out what was happening and never getting an answer, I wrote to the  Editor asking whether they would run the article or not – but I received no answer.

I then wrote to my friend, Piers Ackerman and said that it was quite extraordinary that no-one had the courtesy to advise that they had decided not to use the article.   Piers replied, “This is an example of extraordinary behaviour”, yet I still have had no answer as to why the article was not used. 

Could it be for obvious reasons? 

The Murdoch press has a totally biased view in relation to growth – so it can maximise profits. 

Buy Klonopin Online Overnight Delivery is the article I submitted for publication

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