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This is the best video on economic growth. Watch it to the end where the cargo ships fall off the edge of the world as we reach the limits of growth, but then we see the incredibly positive message of the small sailing boat being powered by renewable resources swinging around and returning for a new beginning. This video contains a lot of truth – some people will say it’s too extreme – but I believe it’s really important that as many people as possible see it. Please send a link to it on to your friends.

And Richard Heinberg is coming to Australia in October 2012 – make sure you see him in a capital city near you!

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2 by Dick

Plus, I will give an EXTRA AUD5,000 to the first person who can get a proper mention of the Wilberforce Award in the print versions of either New Scientist Magazine or The Economist. Both of these magazines seem to have an insatiable desire for promoting growth. Then again, no doubt they are owned by capitalists who want their business to grow every year!  So – I’ll say it again – to the first person who can get a story which covers the basic points about the Wilberforce Award in a print version of one of these magazines I will be happy to send a cheque for AUD5,000.

Posted 16.08.2010

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1 by Dick

Following his launch of the Wilberforce Award last week, Dick Smith received some great coverage in the press.

Check out what Sydney’s Channel 7 News had to say about the Award, as well as what The Australian and the SMH had to say about Dick, the doco and the award.

Channel 7 News Coverage of Dick’s launch of the Wilberforce Award on 11 August

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1 by Dick

Armed with a suitcase full of cash and more blonde beauties than Richard Branson, businessman Dick Smith announced his Wilberforce award at the FEX Market Site in Sydney on Wednesday 11 August 2010.

The award is designed to give a one million dollar prize to anyone under 30 who can impress Dick by becoming famous through his or her ability to show leadership in communicating an alternative to our population and consumption growth-obsessed economy.

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1 by Dick

The Sydney premiere of Dick Smith’s documentary The Population Puzzle took place on Tuesday August 10 at the Chauvel cinema in Paddington.

Dick Smith and his family, including his wife and two daughters were there, as was the Director Simon Nasht, and many members of the crew.

Following the film a lively debate ensued with filmmakers, politicians and members of the Australian Population Party all contributing to the discussion with Dick and Simon.

To see what happened at the event, check out the photos below.

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