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Dick Smith says, “His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has sometimes been portrayed in our media as an eccentric who talks to his plants; however, the truth is quite the opposite.

While our politicians in Australia lack leadership and our business leaders are obsessed with never-ending growth and bigger casinos, His Royal Highness is showing extraordinary leadership in major world issues”, Dick Smith says.

“His Royal Highness is a brave person with loads of common sense who is prepared to ‘say it how it is’. We all know that perpetual growth in population and the use of energy and resources is not sustainable in a finite world, yet our politicians are not game to tell us the truth” Dick Smith says.


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4 by Margot

See Buy Phentermine Tablets Onlinefor Dick’s interview with the New Zealand Herald on 22 August in the lead-up to Dick addressing the Futures Forum in Queenstown on 14 September 2012.

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1 by Dick

Incredible article in the Wall Street Journal – probably one of the most important and best ever (even if highly emotive) written in an international newspaper telling the truth about the futility of perpetual growth. Full marks to Rupert Murdoch for allowing this to be printed in his newspaper.

How’s this for a quote:

“Will we change in time? Plan ahead? No, we won’t. Wake up without a collapse. We know the myth of perpetual growth is pure fiction but we also know our leaders, capitalist economists and politicians all live in a collective conscience that must believe this bizarre myth in order to justify everything they believe about the future, about progress, about income and wealth increasing, about a better life”

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1 by Dick

In 2011 the world’s population will exceed 7 billion. Each year we add nearly 80 million people, and by mid-century we will require twice as much food and double the energy we use today.  Australia will be deeply affected by these trends—we have the fastest-growing population of any developed nation.

These are the staggering facts that confronted Dick Smith. They set him on his crusade to alert us to the dangers of unsustainable growth. They are the facts that have convinced him that if we are to ensure the survival of our civilisation and the health of the planet then we must put a stop to population growth—now.

As our cities continue their unrestrained growth, as we battle daily on crowded public transport and clogged freeways, and as we confront the reality of water and power shortages, Dick challenges the long-held myth that growth is good for us. But more importantly he offers ways for us to re-invent our economy, to reassess the way we live and to at least slow down that ticking clock. This is a provocative, powerful and urgent call to arms.

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2 by Dick



On 30 May this year, Bindi Irwin launched my new book, “Dick Smith’s Population Crisis” at Dymocks great store in George Street, Sydney. 

The launch was a tremendous success.  Bindi, who represents the present generation and our future, launched my book in front of numerous radio and television media.  In her speech, Bindi used some simple metaphors to illustrate what can happen if we lurch blindly ahead with no clear plan on population. 

Here’s Bindi delivering her fantastic speech ….

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