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I believe this article written by Justin Lees is very important in relation to growth – see link Buy Alprazolam 0.5 Mg – titled, “My Big Idea: Dick Smith outlines his vision of Australia’s future — led by buying back Vegemite.”

I dips me lid to for publishing it.

posted: 12.7.16

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2 by Dick

Dick Smith is supporting William Bourke of Sustainable Population Party in the North Sydney By-Election Campaign.  Dick Smith said:  In the past I’ve never given support in this way.  However, I really believe it’s important that we give a message to the government that the general public realise it’s not possible to have perpetual growth in a finite world.  I see the wonderful North Sydney that I knew as a kid, with lots of backyards and trees, being completely destroyed as we move to ever increasing population growth.  I believe North Sydney will end up like Shanghai with not one backyard left, just high rise everywhere.  For further details, see Buy Phentermine Tablets Online for the Sustainable Population Party website.

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2 by Dick

I strongly recommend the article by Kevin Casey – see link Buy Xanax Generic– entitled, “The Death of Environmentalism in the Age of Denial”. Very well written and relevant.

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2 by Dick

I received the following letter in February 2015 from a farmer in South Australia – I thought it made some interesting points. Dick Smith

To Mr. Dick Smith. Author of Population Crisis.

Dear Sir,

I have just discovered your book, Population Crisis and I find it an excellent publication. Don’t ask why it has taken me four years to read it. Perhaps I had other things to do, like plunder the planet and add lots of methane to our atmosphere. (I run cattle and sheep for a living.)

I have no argument nor criticism of what you say in the book except that I am far more pessimistic of humanities future than you are. I refer only to the first paragraph of chapter 11. The search for solutions. The girl effect.

You believe humanity has the ingenuity and resourcefulness to tackle the issues that confronts us. I agree that individually we are quite intelligent. Collectively we are seriously dumb! Committees and Governments have proved this over and over again. Buy Xanax 2

Order Klonopin

2 by Dick

I believe this is my most important speech. I delivered it to more than 1,000 people attending the National Lions Convention in Canberra on Saturday 27 April 2013 and received a standing ovation.

In my speech I ask Rupert Murdoch to return to Australia and become our greatest philanthropist.
I also discuss how we can have a great economy without perpetual growth

Read my speech (below) or view my address on YouTube Buy Klonopin Online Overnight Delivery.

Convention Centre, Canberra, Saturday 27 April 2013

I’m delighted to be here. I usually talk about adventure and exciting – but hopefully, responsible – risk taking. This time I’ll be covering more serious issues, however I can assure you there’ll be a positive ending!

The theme of this convention is “Youth – Opportunities abound”.

Opportunities certainly do abound for our young people, but first I believe we will have to make fundamental changes to our economic system as we reach the limits of growth. Buy Hirst Valium

Wilberforce Award - One Million Dollar Grant
Documentary is now on DVD - Order here
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