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Dick’s letter to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, February 2010 Buy Alprazolam 0.5 Mg

Response to Dick’s Letter from Anthony Byrne, Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, February 2010 Buy Alprazolam Uk

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2 by Dick

Linked Buy Adipex Usais a website with some information on a Colorado teacher and world bicycle traveller, Frosty Wooldridge on a drive across the United States to raise awareness of  his claim that  “U.S. population will double from 300 million to 600 million on its way to 1 billion in the lifetime of a child born today if we fail to change course.”   I particularly like the comment in relation to his journey –

PurposeTo alert the media and citizens that America faces an added 100 million people within 25 years if it fails to change its current demographic course.  No amount of environmental, conservation or preservation will maintain a viable or sustainable civilization with endless growth.

I wonder when someone will be doing something similar in Australia.

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2 by Dick

“Australia needs more people who are willing to leverage their high profile and good name to support those who are powerless” – from an email from Trevor Harvey, Thursday 4 August 2005

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2 by Dick

Kelvin Thomson is an unusually outspoken individual.  In fact, I have become a “disciple” of this courageous Labor backbencher for the stance he has taken on population, particularly in view of his former Leader, Primer Minister Rudd, and his support for a “big Australia”.   In September last year, my daughter, Jenny, sent me a link to Kelvin’s speech to Parliament in August 2009, and after listening to it, I agreed with everything he said.  You can view Kelvin’s website and his speech Buy Xanax 2.

In Kelvin’s subsequent Buy Diazepam Morocco released in November 2009, Kelvin uses common sense, plain language and logic to present his step-by-step process for population reform in Australia

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2 by Dick

Malcolm McIntosh, Tapan Sarker and Rose Boyd have written an article for the ABC The Drum. Buy Hirst Valium is a link to it.  It’s interesting how, like many articles which are written, it seems to presume that our cities are going to grow to the figures that are claimed.  It doesn’t suggest that we can actually do something about this and not necessarily go to those high figures.

Wilberforce Award - One Million Dollar Grant
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