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Buy Zolpidem From India

Buy Zolpidem From India

An interesting article published in The Guardian by Jason Hickel on November 5, 2016 regarding climate change.  Buy Alprazolam 0.5 Mg

Posted: 21.12.16

Buy Alprazolam Uk

Until about five years ago, I had never thought about the population issue. It simply wasn’t in my realm of thinking. However, one thing which gives me a little bit of solace is that most of my friends were the same.

In September 2009, my youngest daughter, Jenny, phoned me and said, “dad, they are all talking about human induced climate change, and they’re all going off to Copenhagen. Why don’t they talk about the ‘elephant in the room’”. I said, “Jenny, what’s that?”. She said, “population!”.

The instant she said the word, it was almost as if a light was turned on in my head. Within seconds I realised how stupid I had been. Here we were talking about problems which are facing our planet, but people weren’t talking about the most obvious problem – too many people. I knew that we had something like 6.7 billion people in the world, and this was predicted to go to over 9 billion by 2050. But I’d never actually linked that with a great many of the problems we have in our world. Buy Non-Generic Ambien

Buy Phentermine Tablets Online

Buy Adipex Usa is a link to an article, which News Limited recently wrote in relation to my views on growth and sustainability.

Posted: 12.09.16

Buy Xanax Generic

I believe this article written by Justin Lees is very important in relation to growth – see link Buy Xanax Generic – titled, “My Big Idea: Dick Smith outlines his vision of Australia’s future — led by buying back Vegemite.”

I dips me lid to for publishing it.

posted: 12.7.16

Buy Cheap Valium Online

Dick Smith is supporting William Bourke of Sustainable Population Party in the North Sydney By-Election Campaign.  Dick Smith said:  In the past I’ve never given support in this way.  However, I really believe it’s important that we give a message to the government that the general public realise it’s not possible to have perpetual growth in a finite world.  I see the wonderful North Sydney that I knew as a kid, with lots of backyards and trees, being completely destroyed as we move to ever increasing population growth.  I believe North Sydney will end up like Shanghai with not one backyard left, just high rise everywhere.  For further details, see Buy Zolpidem Online Overnight Uk for the Sustainable Population Party website.

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