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Order Valium Online Canada

Order Valium Online Canada

“What do we do about unsustainable perpetual growth, increasing inequality, and declining job opportunities due to robots and automation?

The demographers tell us that in rich nations such as Australia, the next generation will live shorter lives than their parents while levels of unhappiness and mental illness will be rising.

Most of us feel something is wrong but we don’t know what to do about it.

Surely our grand-kids should have as good a life as we have had?  That’s why I’m starting a new group called Buy Alprazolam 0.5 Mg.  Have a look at the new web page Buy Alprazolam Uk The prime aim will be to find ways to stabilise our population and to share the wealth better.”

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This article by Michael Bachelard appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on October 9, 2011:

For Australia, nuclear is the power of last resort

The Climate Agenda was a partnership between The Sunday Age and website Oursay.org, which let readers vote for the 10 questions they wanted the paper to answer. The full agenda and previous answers are at  Buy Phentermine Tablets Online

QUESTION: ”If the government is so serious about reducing CO2 emissions, why do they keep ignoring the single most effective method for doing so: nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is far cheaper than ‘renewables’ and kills less people per unit of energy produced than even solar or wind. New generation reactors improve safety significantly and render the long-term waste storage issue moot, and thorium fast-breeder reactors cannot melt down accidentally at all. France has shown how easy and effective nuclear is at reducing greenhouse emissions. Why doesn’t the government spend some of it’s enormous ‘clean energy future’ research and advertising budget to help educate Australians about the facts around new forms of clean atomic energy?”


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Incredible article in the Wall Street Journal – probably one of the most important and best ever (even if highly emotive) written in an international newspaper telling the truth about the futility of perpetual growth. Full marks to Rupert Murdoch for allowing this to be printed in his newspaper.

How’s this for a quote:

“Will we change in time? Plan ahead? No, we won’t. Wake up without a collapse. We know the myth of perpetual growth is pure fiction but we also know our leaders, capitalist economists and politicians all live in a collective conscience that must believe this bizarre myth in order to justify everything they believe about the future, about progress, about income and wealth increasing, about a better life”

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In 2011 the world’s population will exceed 7 billion. Each year we add nearly 80 million people, and by mid-century we will require twice as much food and double the energy we use today.  Australia will be deeply affected by these trends—we have the fastest-growing population of any developed nation.

These are the staggering facts that confronted Dick Smith. They set him on his crusade to alert us to the dangers of unsustainable growth. They are the facts that have convinced him that if we are to ensure the survival of our civilisation and the health of the planet then we must put a stop to population growth—now.

As our cities continue their unrestrained growth, as we battle daily on crowded public transport and clogged freeways, and as we confront the reality of water and power shortages, Dick challenges the long-held myth that growth is good for us. But more importantly he offers ways for us to re-invent our economy, to reassess the way we live and to at least slow down that ticking clock. This is a provocative, powerful and urgent call to arms.

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This is the best video on economic growth. Watch it to the end where the cargo ships fall off the edge of the world as we reach the limits of growth, but then we see the incredibly positive message of the small sailing boat being powered by renewable resources swinging around and returning for a new beginning. This video contains a lot of truth – some people will say it’s too extreme – but I believe it’s really important that as many people as possible see it. Please send a link to it on to your friends.

And Richard Heinberg is coming to Australia in October 2012 – make sure you see him in a capital city near you!

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